Dance and Dance Hall
Dance and Dance Hall

The big Sports Hall is the place for Dance Parties and Workshops. There is plenty of room for 220 dancers simultaneous on the floor.

The hall is equipped with a marvellous wooden floor. You can dance for three days without having aching feet or knees. Imagine the sound when all dancers start a balance simultaneous. You will enjoy the impression.

The ceiling is heigh up. The heat in the room is just right for energetic dancing.

At the one end of the hall we will build a platform for the callers and the musicians. You have a good view to the persons leading the dance sessions, and you will be able to hear calls and music.

The acoustics in the hall is excellent, and we have the pleasure of a professional sound system.

You will dance to live music for three days, and often you will have the opportunity of experiencing two different bands.

At the other end of the hall we have build a cosy cafe. You can rest here if you get too tired to take in all the dances. You can enjoy the music and watch the other dancers, or chat with your neighbours. The tables are decorated with tablecloth and flowers. You have the possibility to buy beverages on a reasonable price.

Do you smoke? Smoking is only allowed outdor.

The house has two dance halls. The second is called the Gymnasium and has room for about 50 dancers, and naturally a caller and a band.

The gymnasium too has a marvellous wooden floor, which means no tired feet. But it might be warm in the gymnasium, so we have to open the windows.

Don't forget dancing shoes. You must dance in shoes with soft soles, no outdoor shoes on the floor.