Callers and Music in 2016
Callers and Music in 2016

Cis Hinkle GA, USA
Cis has been in Tommerup several times, latest in 2012, and now she will be back. Cis is a very polite, charming and experienced caller, as many of you already know. It is a pleasure to welcome her back in Tommerup.
Cis Hinkle, USA

David Millstone. NH, USA
David Millstone has visitet Denmark in many occations, he was in Tommerup in 2008. David has been calling for more than 25 years, and he is clear and concise, with a huge repertoire. We wellcome David back in Tommerup.
David Millstone, USA

Friday evening you will dance to four danish callers. All of them has earlier been on the stage in Tommerup.

Frede Olsen. DK
Country Dance - Vissenbjerg

Erni Neistrup. DK
Vestegnens Square- og Contra Dance

Marianne og Erik Lilholt. DK
Grand Square

English Contra Dance Band. UK
Now again and again. English Contra Dance Band has been part of the Tommerup event seven times, of cource they will be here this last time. Linda is a fascinating fiddleplayer, and Gareth bangs the piano, it can't be better.

Reel of Two. DK
Jørgen and Jeremy, with their bubbling musics, will play to workshop all Saturday.

Reel of Three. DK
Lotte, Jørgen and Jeremy will play friday evening. You will have fun dancing to their music.

Reel de Quebec. DK
Saturday evening the four musicians from Reel de Quebec are on the stage. Reel de Quebec has been many times in Tommerup, and we have enjoyed thir playing. Hopefully we will get a big altogether band to the farewell dance.

Callers and Music in 2016
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