Lodging can take place on the school in the pupils' rooms, maximum 118 beds. You borrow the room and you must leave it in same condition as you receive it. Remember you live in an other persons home, and perhaps leave a little gift for the owner. Bring your own blanket, bed linen and towels.

Alternative lodging can take place in class rooms. The school has 5 classrooms. Bring your own blanket, bed groundsheet, bed linen and towels.

You have the possibility to use your own caravan, and buy electricity. We offer room for 7 – 8 caravans.

You will find several bathrooms on the school. You have the possibility to get a bath, which can be convenient after energetic dance. Now there is new bathrooms in "Anneks, Sibiriens Undergang and Mellemgang".

Many dancers choose not to sleep at the school but in the neighbourhood. If so you will still be part of the social life. Remember the cafe where everybody meets, chat and socialize.

If you prefer to find you own lodging we can recommend several inns or bed and breakfast nearby.
Directions to Tommerup