Callere og musik i 2008
Callere og musik i 2008

Carol Ormand. USA
Carol J. Ormand is a lively caller with a huge selection of dances. She is making a brief, concise and relaxed instruction. She is the composer of a lot of good dances. Look for the books ”Contra butions”, ”Another Contra bution” og ”Contra butions III”. Carol was in Tommerup i 2004 and she is a caller we will be very glad to welcom back in Tommerup.
Carol Ormand, USA

David Millstone. NH, USA
David Millstone has visitet Denmark in many occations. May bee you have met him in Osted. David has been calling for more than 25 years, and he is clear and concise, with a huge repertoire. His special interest is the historical aspect of contradance in US.
David Millstone, USA

Marianne and Erik Lilholt. DK
Marianne and Erik Lilholt has only bee calling a couple of years, but they seems to become nice callers. Shure you wiil get e great friday evening.
Grand Square

English Contra Dance Band. UK
The English Contra Dance Band – a nice english band. We meet them for the first time in Gråsten 2007. We will be glad to welcome them back in Denmark.
English Contra Dance Band , UK

Trottinez. DK
Trottinez – has played so many times for us, it is almost a tradition. Trottinez will play Saturday in the gymnasium. It is a very well playing band, and we will have a hard time without them.

East Bridge Downtown Band, DK
East Bridge Downtown Band – we recall 2007 when the started the weekend Friday evening with brilliant music, the whole dance hall was bubbling with joy.

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Callere og musik i 2008
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