Callers and Music in 2014
Callers and Music in 2014

Carol Ormand, WI, USA
Carol was in Tommerup in 2004. She started calling in 1990, and she has called at many dances, weekends and festivals all over US. In 2005 she moved to Madison in Wisconsin and she started playing fiddle, maybe she will play for us? Carol is a vivacious person, and we are sure she will make us dance and dance.
Carol Ormand
Carol Ormand. Youtube

Mary Devlin, OR, USA
Mary was in Tommerup in 2002. Many of you knows her from Silkeborg. Mary is one of the favorite callers in Nordvest America. She calls contra and squares and English contra dance too. Mary likes dances with a perfect flow and well tuned to the music, and the dancers will get a good experience. Look at the video here with Mary calling, and notice the lady with the baby, maybe we should start that early with the dancing?
Mary Devlin
Youtube CDSS 2013 Lifetime Contribution Award Weekend

Lisbeth Knudsen. DK
Lisbeth is a caller from Sønderjylland with charm and fun, and she will make a good Friday evening. Lisbeth has been calling for 18 years, and many danish dancers will know her from ”En søndag i Søgård”. Lisbeth will run a workshop Saturday in line dance.

Hans Pitters. DK
Hans is an experienced caller. 18 years of calling. Many danish dancers will know him from "Sommerdans i Vejle". We are sure that Hans and Lisbeth together will make the best Friday evening together with English Contra Dance Band. Hans is running a workshop Sunday with exciting SD-breaks.
Bredballe Dancers

English Contra Dance Band. UK
Now again and again. Yes they are popular. We don't think they can do without us. Linda is a fascinating fiddleplayer, and Gareth bangs the piano, it can't be better.
English Contra Dance Band , UK

Reel of Two. DK
Jørgen og Jeremy, with there bubbling musics, will play to workshop all Saturday. You will have fun dancing to their music.

Reel de Quebec. DK
Saturday evening and Sunday the four musicians from Reel de Quebec are on the stage. Hopefully we will get a big altogether band to the farewell dance.

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