Callers and Music in 2010
Callers and Music in 2010

Kathy Anderson Dayton, OH, US
Kathy Anderson is always brilliant. We are sure that everybody who knows Kathy will be glad to welcome her back, and she will be glad to bee back. She likes to test her many tricky squares in Denmark. We are sure she has found something exciting for us this year. Welcome Kathy.

Seth Tepfer Atlanta, GA, USA
Seth Tepfer is "Atlanta's Dance Magician," known for his infectious energy, his short walkthroughs, and his “hash-contras”. Seth's warm enthusiasm is contagious and gets everyone moving, smiling, and having a great time. Whether squares, contras, or other folk dances, you can be certain that all involved will amble away happy and eager to dance more!
Source: Sacramento Country Dance Society
Seth Tepfer, USA, USA
Seth Tepfer calling 3-33

Jane Qvortrup. DK
Last year Jane wrote in the questionnaire that she would be glad to help in Tommerup by calling, so that what she will be doing this Friday night. Jane is an experienced caller from Randers. Jane likes new and challenging dances. She is a good dance leader with a good sense of humour. Like many other danish callers she has been in US to learn more about dancing.

Poul-Erik Nilsson. DK
Poul-Erik live in Jutland but he still like to talk as if he was living at Bornholm. He has for many years been a very popular dance leader in the eastern Jutland. He too has e good sense of humour, and a nice calling. It is about time that dancers from Fyn and Sealand are getting to know him better. Welcome Poul-Erik.

English Contra Dance Band. UK
Four years in Tommerup with the English Contra Dance Band. Linda really knows how to play a fiddle, she is an enchanting fiddle player. Gareth on the piano, support the tunes in beat and harmony in an excellent way. A fantastic performance.
English Contra Dance Band , UK

Trottinez. DK
Trottinez – has played so many times for us, it is almost a tradition. Trottinez will play Saturday in the gymnasium. Unfortunately it is their last performance in Tommerup. They will stop playing together. We hope to welcome you back in another Band.

Mineola Band, DK
Mineola Band – Contradance music in ragtime stile. East of Storebælt a well known band, playing lively rag music. We like to welcome you here west of Storebælt in Tommerup.

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